Appointment Scheduling Services

Focus on your in-person patients while we manage your calendar.

How many times has your phone rang in the middle of a consultation? You either have to sacrifice the patient service you're currently providing or risk losing the business on the other end of the ringing phone. It's quite the dilemma, and it happens to the best of us. Short of cloning yourself and your team, though, the best solution to this common problem can be solved by putting a plan in place. A call answering service that makes appointments can be the solution you need.

Allow the team at Thetha Connect to professionally handle your calls and messages and schedule new appointments while you provide your outstanding service to your patients. Not only do we handle each caller exactly as you would, but we also look after your calendar to your exact specifications.

With Thetha Connect's Appointment Scheduling Service, a well-scheduled work week is always on the calendar. Allow our team to handle incoming calls and messages for appointments while you and your staff focus on the patients walking through the door.

Appointment reminders

The increasing trend in patient no-shows has made reminder messages and phone calls a necessity. We will send out patient reminders in the form of messaging and reminder phone calls. We firmly believe that when a patient speaks to a real person, they will feel more compelled to stick to the Appointment, instead of just ignoring an automated text message.

Features of our Appointment Scheduling Services

  • Scheduling General Appointments
  • Appointment Rescheduling
  • Reduce no shows with Appointment reminder calls
  • New patients are provided with intake forms on booking confirmation
  • Medical aid benefit checks before patients are scheduled
  • Schedule Out-of-town Appointments
  • Schedule Appointments for Business Conferences
  • Schedule Meetings with your staff members and colleagues
  • Receive Automated Email Reminders

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