Call Answering Service


Never miss another call or opportunity with Thetha Connect’s professional Call Answering Service provided by our friendly team.

In a perfect world, you can pick up the office phone every time it rings. You would be completely present, focused on the caller and their needs. You would never be interrupted or distracted by a mile-long to-do list. However, the reality is you probably have a lot more than that going on, and sometimes your phone takes a backseat to the other duties you need to take care of. While you may want to provide callers with round-the-clock support, you're simply too busy. This is where Thetha Connect’s Call Answering Service comes in.

Our fully trained Call Centre Agents apply their excellent customer service and communication skills to provide your medical practice with a professional Telephone Answering Service. Our Call Answering Service is ideal for small practices with no receptionist - it saves costs while improving customer service.

Ensure that you never miss the chance to bring on a new patient and that your current patients are cared for by our friendly and resourceful agents. This frees you up to focus on the most important items on your to-do list; the tasks that you are specifically qualified to handle. No matter your budget, Thetha Connect can work with you to customise a solution to your most challenging phone answering requirement.

Specialised roaming Call Answering Services

If you're a medical practitioner that works from many different locations, you probably find it very hard to keep up with phone calls. At Thetha Connect, we have a specialised service that manages calls and calendars while you travel from location to location. Our agents are always aware of your location, and use this information to make bookings efficiently. Now you'll never miss a call, no matter where in the world you are!

Features of our Call Answering Service

  • Dedicated Answering Service during office hours
  • Every phone call is answered - both landline and cellphone
  • Guaranteed patient and doctor confidentiality
  • Unanswered and missed calls are diverted to our call centre
  • We provide secure call recordings of diagnoses, prescriptions, and conversations
  • After hours calls are covered by advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software
  • Phone calls can be transferred to any destination of your choice
  • We use your existing phone numbers, or we can provide a new number
  • Receive additional geographic numbers as your business grows.
  • Messages from phone calls will instantly be relayed via email or messages to your nominated destinations.
  • We will provide patients with your practice information, such as your services and contact details.

Benefits of our Call Answering Services

  • You and your staff will have more time to focus on important tasks and patient well-being
  • With our resourceful virtual receptionists always available, your patients will never sit on hold and wait for their call to be answered.
  • An increase in patient bookings due to our efficient Call Answering Services
  • An enhanced online reputation will lead to positive reviews thanks to our dedicated customer experience services.
  • Improved office organisation, and communication, by using our powerful tools to manage your messages. 

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